Direct Sales Training brought to you at home

Welcome to Ethical Direct Selling Group. Believe it or not all business owners are in Direct Sales. We are all responsible for the direct selling function in our business. Consequently, many of you are calling out for quality direct sales training. That’s where Ethical Direct Selling Group is filling the gap compared to traditional company based training.

It doesn’t matter if you are in business or professional services, selling products through a brick and mortar business. You could also be selling online, through an MLM or party plan business, therefore we are all in the Direct Sales Industry. The same customer service and relationship marketing principles apply across all of these industries and types of business.

Tracey brings over 30 years experience in direct sales/network marketing, in addition to small business marketing and mentoring. She strives for ethics in the industry, and aims to train thousands of direct sellers, as she knows this in an industry where your earning potential is almost unlimited. Furthermore, you can work from anywhere in the world.

Direct selling makes the perfect plan B, or plan A, for that matter, for any person who wants to extend themselves beyond the corporate grind. You are worth more than your hourly rate, and we want to show you how you can be the best in whichever DS company you are with. We are not affiliated with any DS company, therefore you can be assured that your Direct Sales Training is completely unbiased and professional. We have your best interest at heart for you to succeed with any company, or in your own business where you are responsible for direct selling.

To your business success!

Cheers, Tracey

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