3 Ways to Handle your Mindset About Writing a Book

3 Ways to Handle your Mindset About Writing a Book

You know you have a story in you but really not sure how to do it or where to start. Everyone is telling you that you must get noticed and this is a great way to brand your own identity. It has been on that long list for years and years.

And yet…nothing.

As a business owner you know there are many benefits to being a published author. Imagine that on your resume??

3 excuses and how to handle them:

  1. No time. Sound familiar? Every single business owner is busy in and on their business. This excuse doesn’t help when you want to grow your business at all.

Setting up a proper schedule (time management), will help you as a business owner see that there is actually time that you can set aside to writing your book. It could be getting up a bit earlier, instead of watching the latest news (always negative), setting aside time every day or week means that the book will get done and published.

This first point is about making writing the book a priority or put on your bucket list. Use the “Pomodoro” method, blocking out time in your calendar, diary or online. This is like seeing a client and keep that appointment with yourself (you are worth it).

  1. No talent – you can’t write. So many people say they can’t write but write posts, blogs every single day. Then when it comes to thinking of a book they get scared and then judge themselves, they have a fear (false evidence appearing real).

Having the thought that you don’t want to do it is ok, you can hire someone (outsource as we like to call it). You can also use some of your work that is already published and extend on it.  If outsourcing isn’t in your budget there are many options out there to record your voice on and then convert to text, get it transcribed and have a professional edit it.

  1. Organisation isn’t your strength, this will take forever to write. Alright, so you are great with blog posts, and you know they are shot so don’t mind writing them. However, the thoughts you are having about writing a book scared you half to death, if makes you stare at your blank screen like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Start with writing one blog post then another then another and use this method to write a series of small books which in turn become the book. One bit at a time one sentence then one paragraph etc.

Planning is going to help you as this is looking like too much to handle, have an outline and break it down by sections, chapters etc. Have notes to know what you are going to cover in each section and then you can fill in the blanks. Remember this is your original content and it will mean a lot to you when it is a finished product.

There are thousands of reasons to write a book, what are yours? A published book is important for establishing your expertise, helps grow your tribe, and for cementing your message and vision. None of that will happen if you don’t actually pick up a pen or turn on the laptop and write it. It is your time to get out of your comfort zone and get it done, for your sake and the sake of the readers.


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