4 Top Tips for Overcoming Objections

4 Top Tips for Handling Objections

Old Sales Coaches will talk about the importance of objections – “without objections there are no sales” they would say. It’s true – whether selling online or selling in person. Your prospects will try to come up with reasons NOT to buy your product.

The purpose of this article is to share with you 4 great tips for dealing with, and overcoming objections. These tips will put you in great stead to get more sales and to grow your business or grow your team (or both.)

The tips are outlined below:

Don’t jump in straight away, even if you know the answer – As soon as a prospect comes up with an objection you may be tempted to jump in and answer their objection. This is the wrong approach to take. You should remain quiet for a few seconds. This can result in a number of benefits for you – you avoid the potential for further objections if you actually answer the wrong thing bringing up more objections, you can better frame your answer and there is also the possibility that the longer you talk, the more your prospect will talk meaning they may answer some of their own objections whilst also giving you the ability to find out exactly what the problem is.

Ask questions for clarification and understanding – You should keep your prospect talking by asking clarification questions. Make sure you actually understand what their problem but you can also reframe objections as questions – a good question is “so what you are saying is?” We generally recommend that you don’t ask someone “why” they have an objection. The reason for this is because it’s possible that, by doing this, you end up having them reinforce their objections and it makes it harder for you to overcome them.

Ask this question – “if we can answer this for you today would you buy?” – This is an important question. The answer to this question will allow you to know whether you’ve flushed out all of the objections. If they don’t answer “yes” to this question then obviously your prospect has further objections. You can repeat this questions after every objection until all objections have been dealt with.

Handle all objections and ask for your order – Once you have handled all of the objections you identify you still need to ask for the sale. You need to tell your prospects what their next step is to get them to sign up to your team or to buy your product or service.

You cannot be successful in business until you become a master objection handler. It’s possible that you can come up with a number of potential objections prior to meeting with a prospect so you can have practiced answers to these objections.

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