7 Top tips for Cold Calling Prospects

7 Top tips for Cold Calling Prospects

Cold calling is still a popular sales and lead generation tool. The reason for this is that it works. However, many people are scared of cold-calling prospects. Picking up the phone and making a call is fearful for some people. In order to make this easier for you, we have shared our 7 top tips in this article. They’re listed below:

Research your prospects – Before you pick up the phone, spend some time researching your prospects. Google them, check them out on LinkedIn, see if you can find them or Facebook and have a look at other platforms. This preliminary research makes your conversations easier as you have some information about your prospects that may be useful for rapport building

Have a script – You should work from a script. You should have a script and practice it to ensure that you get the messages across to your audience. Practicing your elevator pitch and refining your messages gives you better opportunities to get through to your prospects and have them interested in what you have to say.

Map the Conversation you want to have in advance – There will be key points that you definitely want to get across to prospects. You should map out your conversations to give yourself a clear understanding of what information you need to ensure your prospects hear. We suggest you create a checklist of all points you want to get across so that you can make sure you share all your key messages.

Have pre- prepared answers for common questions – Chances are that your prospects with have objections and questions. Chances are that, if you spend 30 minutes thinking about these objections you will come up with the same lists that your prospects are likely to come up with. You should make this list and then have pre-prepared answers for when they come up.

Make sure the value is understood before price is even discussed – An ideal sales conversation will have your prospects agreeing to sign up before cost is even discussed. If a prospect is asking about “cost” then you’re not sharing the value well enough with your prospects. If this is happening too often you need to make sure that you reassess and, potentially, rewrite your scripts.

Measure your actions and your results – You need to measure the number of prospects that you call and track your results. You should track your conversion ratio – the ratio of calls that lead to appointments and the number of appointments that close.

Get continuously educated about sales – Continuous education allows you to improve your knowledge and improve your results. You should be regularly listening to podcasts and reading books.

Cold calling prospects works but there are ways to improve your results. The 7 tips that we have mentioned above will be very helpful to you in your business.


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