About Tracey Hall

Tracey has been in the Direct Selling / Network Marketing industry nearly 30 years. She started out very shy at the age of 19 with her business (not that she knew she had a business). Tracey was working full-time and had a little direct selling thing on the side.  Little did she know that her personal life would also be impacted by working with amazing, strong caring women.

Seeing her mother in action

Tracey saw her mother working in both Avon and Nutrimetics very early on she was 12 when she was first introduced to skincare and still uses direct selling products from her skincare, makeup, home etc now.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Working as a babysitter and ironing chick she knew how to work for the $$. When her mother was sick with stomach cancer at the age of 13, Tracey did her schooling, looked after her siblings and worked her mother’s cleaning business too. Never afraid of hard work ever, she was working f/time over the school holidays to pay for her education.  Tracey used this money saved to pay for her books and Year 11 and Year 12 fees.  Studying, working part-time and was out of home at 16 so had all the responsibilities of keeping a home too.

The Shy Girl

Direct Selling entered her life and it changed so many things, what you ask? Good question, Tracey was the shy one that would sit at the back of the room watching others go up and receive things, get the recognition etc.  The first time she got up and received her first ribbon is still imprinted in her mind of the clapping and recognition, she has always been told she wasn’t wanted by her mother.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

In 1990 Tracey flew from Perth to Melbourne to see the ‘bigger’ picture of her company, that year one of the people in the upline won Queen of Sales – It was so great to be able to watch that moment.

Life changes

She came back and her marriage broke down at 22, she stopped doing her DS biz for a short time to re-focus on her emotional well-being.  She knew she had to leave, she wasn’t happy and because of her new found confidence she did.

The October of that year Tracey had a very serious car accident and she contemplated going back to her ex-husband but realised that would be fair to her or him.  She stuck at it and never regretted her decision.

Moving onward and upward

Tracey moved in 1994 to Melbourne  because he father had fallen from an 8ft scaffold broke his back and she wanted to be closer to extended family.  She found a local meeting and joined in, they welcomed her with open arms and she learnt so much about customers and team that she wanted more from her DS business than she ever had before.

Starting again with strangers

Her step-mother told her she wouldn’t hold a party for her so she had to start with strangers. This was before mobile phones, internet and social media. YES old school pounding the pavement. Cold calling, meeting people out etc.

So as you can see Tracey has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. She has been with a few different companies over the years with big teams, hundreds of customers and such confidence in all aspects of her life.  Tracey has won trips and went to Dallas in 2000 for 10 days with her company, she got to see the bigger pictures.

Trying something new

She used her skincare knowledge to align herself with another company from 2012 to 2016 which was in pre-launch, so she knows what it is like to be in a new company and one that is established.

Launching her own company

From 2016 she launched Success in Ethical Direct Sales, which then became Excelling in Direct Sales to now being Ethical Direct Selling Group.

Her focus now

Her focus is to provide women in the industry a safe place to learn back to basics skills that will set them up to go from hobby to business mindset. She wants to use her knowledge to impact their lives in a positive way, being ethical in her approach to mentoring and training.

Our Mission

Ethical Direct Selling Group stands for ethics, integrity and we do this with our online programs and mentoring program. We do this because of wanting to make the direct selling industry better and to help it be more professional.

We want people to see that you can made real money in the industry with ethical selling. Spamming is dead relationship are alive and well.  We offer the benefit of over 30 years experience in sales.  To show them there is a better way to work and working SMARTER is the best thing.

We have a working environment that is based on equality for everyone.

Meet the Team

We would not be a “thing” if it weren’t for the people working hard behind the scenes to bring this program to you. Aussies are known for their outstanding customer service and work ethic, and we bring our knowledge and expertise to you, no matter where you are based on the planet!

Tracey Hall

Business Owner

Tracey has been in the direct selling industry for almost 30 years, and started her own business at age 11.

Tracey is a highly motivated business woman who demonstrates accountability, efficiency and a willingness to assist others in reaching their desired goals. She is known for fostering a cohesive spirit within any team she leads.

Tracey’s specialties include:

• Networking
• Helping Home-based businesses grow
• Connecting entrepreneurs and businesses

Her ability to easily build rapport with others creates strong and lasting relationships with customers, business colleagues and fellow team members.

Tracey draws on her extensive experience of managing the journey of creating a successful business to provide expert mentoring and leadership.

Of particular note is Tracey’s contribution to the community. Her ultimate goal is to create a thriving not-for-profit enterprise, which generates substantial funds to establish a foundation called Heroes of Today, with a focus on building and sustaining homes for foster children.