How to attract referrals

What are referrals? How do you attract referrals? How do you ask for referrals?

EDS attract Referrals

Do you know how to attract referrals?

Referrals are a great way to grow your business and being proactive about attracting referrals is an important way for you to inspire confidence and create rapid growth. Let us explain what referrals are by way of an example.

Let’s say you sell phone and utility products. I am a client of yours. You signed me up to new phone and electricity plans and now I am saving a lot of money. I am having a family bbq and my brother complains about his bills. I tell him to give you a call. That’s a referral.

In this case, this is more of a reactive referral as I have taken it on my own to give the referral but there are ways to be more proactive and we’ll discuss a few of them below. But first, let’s look at how you get referrals. What’s the best way to attract referrals? It’s actually quite simple. You need to be referable. People need to want to refer business to you. You need to do what you say you are going to do and you need to do it when you say you are going to do it. You need to provide valuable products and services and your customer service needs to be above par.

Assuming you are “referable” as described above, here are 4 tips to help you get more referrals:

Join a referral group or create your own referral program with complementary businesses – There are a number of business networking groups out there that exist to help find each other referrals. You could join one of these groups. Alternatively, if you understand properly your target market, you could find businesses that have a similar target market but aren’t competitors of yours. You could come to an arrangement where you look for referrals for each other.

Give referrals – Sometimes the best way to get referrals is to give referrals. If you give someone a referral they may feel obligated to find you a referral in return. Alternatively, sometimes it’s just karma. If you put out positive vibes into the atmosphere you will get positive vibes back.

Ask for referrals – Sometimes you do need to ask for referrals. You may be providing great service to someone but they may not know that you are looking for referrals. It doesn’t need to be awkward, it’s just a simple question: “Hey, we know you love what we do. Do you know anyone else that would benefit  from what we offer you?”

Give your referral sources the information that they need – A great way to get more referrals is to share great information like case studies and infographics. If you give your clients something they can share with referral prospects it may make it easier for them to refer business to you.

As mentioned, the best ways to get referrals are to make sure you are referable and then to be proactive about the referral process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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