What does the budget mean to the average person

What impact is the budget going to be on you?

Does it affect your life and your business?

Looking over this whole 2019 and what they do and don’t want to help with has me wondering what is going on in the federal parliament. Do they really understand what is worrying the people who pay biggest amount of tax? It isn’t the millionaires it is the people on low to middle income, wake up and remember that.

Making sure there are hospitals, schools and homes are the most important. You can’t have a job and not have a roof over your head, housing is so much more than everything. It means security which is priceless. Governments are too busy protecting their arse and not thinking of the future of the country.

Forward thinking is what we all should be thinking about, we have our young people protesting which never happened in my time. They are so switched on about what is happening to this planet and what we need to do. The government needs to pull their head in and acknowledge they only have plans for each team of their ‘rule’.

We have an NDIS system that doesn’t even work, it is so hard to even get approved the paperwork is as thick as a Tolstoy novel. Why does this bureaucratic bs have to be so hard, these are people that desperately needing some help but have to take so much time filling out forms.

So no real wage growth at all just a ‘tax’ cut that won’t hit everyone, wages going up will mean there will be more money in the economy which means more people will be shopping. We have a problem with retail failing every single day, Big W is closing 30 stores, support the people that are struggling.

Let’s show them at the next election that they can’t play with our lives and cut us off at the knees. Vote and make your preferences count, use your votes wisely when it is time to vote in May. Look at what the other small parties are doing and if they can make a difference to the status quo.

I just want an Australia where there is no poverty, no one homeless and that family violence is abolished. I know it is a dream but I can only hope.



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