Nominations Opening Date: 1st July 2019

Nominations Closing Date:   1st October 2019 (midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Judging begins from that date

Finalists notified 14th October 2019 

Welcome to our Awards, Ethical Direct Sellers Association is built on the notion that everyone in our industry has the chance to succeed and be brilliant.
The Awards night is the cumulation of you nominating either yourself or nominating someone else who you believe would fit some of the categories. You can nominate for more than one category for your last year of hard work.
We want to encourage everyone to nominate for this "first ever" Ethical Direct Sellers Awards. Think about who you know would you think would be amazing as a repesentative of our industry. 
These awards are something that Tracey Hall and the board of Ethical Direct Sellers Association have been working on in the background for 3 years now.
There are 10 categories to choose from and here they are:
1.  Best New Talent
Someone who has been in the industry under 12 months, who is starting their journey with ethics and values in mind
2.  Most Supportive
Someone who supports others in their company but also others in the industry, they encourage others. They are also showing others how to run their business with values in mind
3.  Positive Social Media
Someone who has a great image on social media who is supportive of others, who is showing a postivie image to the industry and doing it with ethics and values in mind
4.  Team Dynamics
Someone who is a supportive upline, who is a leader not a manager, who goes above and beyond for their team.  They are showing the way with ethics and values, they are someone you look up to.
5.  Top of your Game
Someone who is balancing their business with customers and team.  They are receiving recognition, advancing in their company and doing a great job with ethics and values in mind
6.  Most Inspiring Story
Someone who has an amazing story eg: rags to riches, who has achieved things against the odds.  Someone who knows success just by being themselves
7.  Industry Impact
Someone who is painting the industry in a good light, who loves the industry and defends it all the time.  Someone who understands how important the industry is
8.  Omniprescence
Someone who is present in every aspect of their lives, they are online helping others, offline helping others. Being present in everything they are doing and with ethics and values in mind
9.  Long term 10+ years journey
Someone who has been in the industry long term, who loves the industry and what it has provided to their family/friends. Someone who sees the industry as a career not just a hobby
10. Community Culture
Someone who not only supports their family and friends they also support their community, they could be financial supporting it or volunteering. Someone who puts others needs before their own
The winners receive:
  •  Trophy
  •  Certificate
  •   Recognition on our website and on all our social media

Judging is conducted by a completely transparent panel who aren't associated with Ethical Direct Sellers Association. The panel is made up of people in the industry, each category is down to the Top 10 and then given to another panel to pick the Top 5 and Winner. 

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