Customer Service – Back to Basics

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Customer Service – Back to Basics

When you hear the word customer service what feeling does it generate in you? I know I feel grateful when a company treats me well, listens to my needs.

Being in business is hard work and knowing how to deal with customers is another ball game altogether. You don’t go into business thinking of all the systems you will need in place I certainly didn’t.
I didn’t realise that my customers wouldn’t come to me or that I would have to follow them up. Never would I have dreamed that looking after my customers with thank you cards, remembering their birthday would bring me such rewards. Well it isn’t rewards as such it is that feeling of satisfaction that I am help others with their problem.

Satisfying your customers is your primary goal in your business. People who are unsatisfied tell more and more people than ones that are happy. It takes so much more in marketing, money
The customer is still the life line of your business. There are so many ways now to keep in contact with your customers some that I use are: face to face, phone, email, cards and vouchers.

Face to Face: This is still the best form of contact with customers at events or at their home or workplace.
Phone: Getting on the phone to see if there was anything to help them with.
Email: The use of email with campaign to inform my customers.
Cards: This is important as we don’t get a lot of things via snail mail anymore, using it for birthdays, thank you and if there is a special that is being released for those that don’t have email.
Vouchers: For birthdays and using them as a thank you to customers for referrals.

5 Tips to keep customers loyal

Add value to them:
By giving tips to your customers that save them money. Giving information without charging. Helping without the thought of receiving in return.
Solve their problem:
Their issue becomes your issue and you help them. Eg: if they need their tax sorted if you can help find someone who can.
Keep them informed of specials for things they love:
Utilise email systems with helping your customers.
Reward them for being loyal to you:
Have a VIP card so they receive a discount or something free after so many visits.
Acknowledge their birthday:
With a card and a voucher for their birthday month.

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?” ”
Brian Tracy, Author and Motivational Speaker.




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