Ethical Direct Sellers Association
23rd November 2019
1-day Conference (9 hours of learning), jam packed for everyone in Direct Selling / Network Marketing industry. Bring your team, have fun and learn heaps.


  • Want to learn more about ethical selling?
  • There are break-out sessions specific to your needs
  • Social Media on STEROIDS! 
  • Learn about organising a team?
  • Learn about developing leaders?
  • Followed by 5 hours of fun, have a night out rewarding others
  • Awards Night with 3 course dinner & drinks

Do you fear selling?

Is selling an everyday issue in your business?

Do you have trouble asking for the sale?

Do you have trouble finding the right team?

Do you think it's time to really REALLY understand who your ideal client is?

Join us for our 1 day Conference (9 hours of learning)
 We have 3 keynote speakers:
Justin Herald:

At the age of 25 with only $50 to his name, Justin Herald set about changing the course of his life.

Justin created Attitude Inc, a clothing brand that became an international licensing success that turned over in excess of $20 million per year.  

He is also Managing Director Customer Culture, one of Australia’s leading customer service training companies, that not only teaches staff around the world “how” to give great service, but more importantly, “why” it is needed.

This has proven a game changer with the companies that engage Justin and his team.

He is in high demand as a Corporate and Conference speaker and is respected as one of Australia’s leading authors on getting more out of life. Justin currently speaks at over 100 conferences each year and he also personally mentors over 100 business owners each year.


Joshua Guliani:
Joshua Giuliani is the founder of Meridian Global, a coaching business dedicated to empowering, guiding and igniting the potential in service-based entrepreneurs around the globeJosh got his start at one of Australia's largest publishers, Fairfax Media, and later ran his own digital marketing business for many years. Personal development was a massive part of his life during this time, with coaches and mentors helping him manage and, eventually, overcome the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.  One such challenge was lead generation. Over the years, Josh developed a unique system for organic lead gen using social media and now teaches this system to his clients. He believes in building a personal brand with concise messaging, omnipresence across multiple platforms and authentic engagement with your target audience. This system is called the MONEY Method. 
Ps. He created a free online course to show people how to generate leads using social media, build a brand, close more sales and make more money - check it out at
Malissa Roberts:

Malissa is a loving and extremely lucky wife and proud mother of 5 children, aged from 7 yrs through to 24.  She completely understands the challenges of having young children and creating a successful business. One of the things she loves about being an entrepreneur  is the flexibility and freedom it gives her to successfully create the balance between work and family life.  

With more than 10 years’ experience in the Direct Selling industry, Malissa built and lead a $16 million Global team with Consultants, Leaders and Directors in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland and of course Australia!


She loves the opportunity to connect with people across the globe and would often travel to different countries to facilitate Leadership Bootcamp and run training events!  She has recently signed with a new company and is laying the foundations to do it all again after the company closed it doors and believes that everything happens for a reason. Malissa prides herself on personal growth and development and ensures that she is a student in the classroom as often as possible. She is an extremely positive person and enjoys pointing out the positive elements in situations, encouraging others to always believe in themselves, think outside the box, to never give up and to always take action in creating their goals and dreams.


If there was just one thing that she could say to everyone it would be, “All that you are is more than enough to create the success you desire and deserve, so step up and be the master of your own destiny!” J


Over 10 quality speakers with hundreds of years of experience in this industry or experts in their chosen field. 
  • Catharine Ross (EFT specialist)
  • Elsa Morgan (Network Marketing Professional)
  • Dwayne Eddie (Network Marketing Professional)
  • Linda Reed-Enever (Social Medial expert)
  • Alana Joynes (Social Media expert)
  • Tyson Sharp (Transformational expert)
  • Sherelle Packer (Network Marketing Professional)
  • Trudi Pavlovsky (Shadow Values Embodiment)
  • Tom Croucher (Network Marketing Professional)
  • Phoebe Lay (Social Media expert)
  • Kate Edwards (Network Marketing Professional)
  • Georgia Findley (Network Marketing Professional)
  • Jeanette Anderson (Network Marketing Professional)
  • Erik Bigalk (Business Quantum coach & PR expert)
  • Lee Cummins (Network Marketing Professional)
  • Sam Founda (Social Media expert)
The speakers will serve you:
  •     Learn mindset around selling
  •     Why selling is necessary for your own business growth
  •     Having a team of ethical active members
  •        Using Social media in an ethical way
  •     Leadership development 


Where: Customs House Hotel, Williamstown

When:  Saturday 23rd November, 2019   8.30 am to 11.30 pm

GENERAL ENTRY: $197 Early Bird   $247 standard

5 or more general tickets  $167 each

Payment Plans for all tickets is available on request

 VIP ENTRY:  $495 early bird      $597 standard including VIP lunch

Payment Plans for all tickets is available on request


You also get:

  • Front Row seating for both Conference and Awards Night
  • VIP lunch with our KeyNote speakers at Pelican Cafe
  •  4 x 1 hour sessions with our Ethical Mentor: Tracey Hall


The first 10 VIP who book can be eligable to provide goodies for our goodie bags. (No extra cost to you, but we ask for real samples and offers, not business cards, fliers and discounted offers). 


Conference Day



8.30 am:  Arrival and registration. 

9.00 am: Introduction and Speaker 1: Tracey Hall will welcome you to the conference, Set out the day and introduce our first speaker: Malissa Roberts.

Introduction of Speaker 1: Tracey Hall will introduce our 2nd speaker: Joshua Guiliani


11.30 am: Breakout sessions depending on what your business needs right now. Experts to help you move your business forward.

12.30 pm: General Lunch and Networking.   VIP lunch is served at: Pelicans Landing, Williamstown right on the water.


2 pm: SOCIAL media on steriods with our 5 experts.  Get your questions answered !!!


3.20 pm: Leadership, who what when where how?  It is something that most Direct Sellers want to know but not sure where to start.  Our 5 experts are here for your and your questions. 


4.30 pm: Tracey Hall introducing Speaker 3: Justin Herald 


5.30 pm: Close 




What are the big, fat WIIFMS?  
What's In It For Me we hear you ask?

We hear time and time again how sales is one of the biggest things you struggle with in your direct sales business. Let's face it, it's not easy out there. Do you struggle getting the confidence to make calls? Do you struggle approaching people? Are you scared of NOs? 


No more hobby! It's time to take this to the next level. 




Tracey Hall

      Malissa Roberts

Joshua Guiliani

        Justin Herald

Tracey Hall BIO: 
Tracey Hall is a highly motivated business woman who demonstrates accountability, efficiency and a willingness to assist others in reaching their desired goals. She is known for fostering a cohesive spirit within any team she leads. Tracey’s specialties include:
• Networking
• Helping Home-based businesses grow
• Work at Home career opportunities for At Home Mums and Retirees
Tracey is also dedicated to helping others look and feel great. With 30 years’ experience in the Network Marketing industry, she offers a wealth of knowledge and skills in helping people. Her ability to easily build rapport with others creates strong and lasting relationships with customers, business colleagues and fellow team members.
Of particular note is Tracey’s contribution to the community. Her ultimate goal is to create a thriving not-for-profit enterprise, which generates substantial funds to establish a foundation called Heroes of Today, with a focus on building and sustaining homes for foster children.

Tracey’s background also includes extensive experience in event management. Undertaking a diversity of roles including production, logistics, and HR, Tracey has successfully created and run major events achieving outstanding results and establishing an impressive reputation.

The Ethical Direct Sellers Association Board:
Tracey Hall
Belinda Pritchard
Gary Lowe
Sarah Laruffa
Malissa Roberts
Fiona Lindsay

Copyright  Ethical Direct Sellers Association (c) 2019

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