Growing your Team – Their Success is your Success

Growing your team – Their success is your success

Your business success relies upon the success of those in your team. If you’ve signed someone up, don’t think of them as a competitor if you are in the direct selling game. Yes you might be selling the same products but they are part of your team. Their success is your success.

The purpose of this article is to share with you some tips on growing your team. The purpose of this article is to share with you how you can help to ensure their success.

Don’t try to punish people for their failures. It’s not the end – Sometimes new team members will make mistakes. They might make problems that cannot be delivered. They might sell your product or service wrong. They may have a big prospect/opportunity and stuff up the presentation. You need to understand, and ensure that your team understand, that failure is not terminal. Some say there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. This is partially true. Feedback is useful if you take it. So, if your team members make a mistake you need to educate them to make sure they don’t regularly make the same mistakes.

Make sure your team has a shared vision – If you truly want your team to be successful you have to have a shared vision. You want the people below you to believe in what you are all trying to achieve. If your purposes aren’t aligned, then your team won’t succeed. You should spend some time making sure that those you bring into your team are actually on board with a shared vision. If they don’t share your vision you are better leaving them off your team.

Regularly check in on your team members but don’t micromanage them – Those who join your team want to know that you care. But they don’t want to think that you are spying on them or micromanaging them.

Meetings can be important, but only if they are absolutely necessary – You should have regular meetings if they are necessary. Don’t meet just for the sake of having a meeting. Make sure your meeting has an agenda and a purpose. It could be to educate your team on new products or new sales techniques. Just make sure you are not just catching up for a chat.

Team growth is not just about growing the number of members of your team. It’s also about growing the individual success of your team members and ensuring everyone works together. Hopefully some of the tips mentioned in this article can help you achieve this.


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