How to build a an ideal team with ETHICS…

I just wanted to start talking about how to build a team with ethics. It is something that a lot of people in our industry ask about and so this blog is here to cover some tips.

Now, these are things that seem to come up quite a bit, when we’re talking about network marketing or direct selling these, that’s, you know, they’re all the same.

It’s not a hard thing. But once you get the right foundation, it actually does make a difference. So, you know, you got to really think about why you want to build that team in the first place. Are you ready to build a team, that means that you’re going to be seen as a leader or expert of the team.

Building your team:

Which takes a positive mindset as well. So I really want you to have a think about that, and what it actually looks like, before you actually start tackling how to build this team.

Now, there’s two ways to build a teams, what is key is that you look at it from the point of view of those customers are the VIP customers, which means they’re getting a discount and they are part of your team.

The other way to do it is focusing on ideal team members and ideal leaders, this is where it goes further into finding the ideal team members. It is really what you want in a team member eg: if you want to travel and do all those trips with the company, then get a tribe of team members that want to do exactly the same thing is you it makes it easier, it’s that team incentive of all going together which is a great feeling in itself.

Best way for longevity:

The thing is with having a team then that gives you that extra responsibility, it means that, they’re going to be looking for you to give them that guidance and leadership. So make sure that you’re ready for what is to come. Have you got the skill, or should I say have you got the skill for you to take your business to that next level or having to attain it? There is added pressure with taking on a team and you have to be aware of all of that.

Keep showing up as the best YOU

You are their role model, so you can’t keep relying on your upline or anyone else. you need to be the one that’s taking charge. And you know, the old saying of you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. So you can give all the tools, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually going to use those tools in any any way at all.

When you are looking for these ideal team members, I always say to my clients look for the non-whingers and if you’re not in Australia, that means the people who don’t complain, the people who actually want to make a difference to other people’s lives, but they want to earn some extra income. I work with the adage that I learned many, many years ago called MRSCAB.

So it means people join your team for money. Obviously a big thing for a lot of people, some people join for recognition, because they’re not getting told that in the day to day job, and to have someone pat them on the back and to say thank you, it’s a big thing nowadays, because we’re not getting job satisfaction. And that’s why we don’t have jobs for life anymore. We have the the adage of, you’ve got a job for a few years type thing. So job security is out the window, then we move on to having self confidence. And this is something that if you looking at as a mother, as your team members, remember mothers focusing on their children, so they’re not going to focus on themselves or their business so the self confidence does play a big part in a lot of things.

That’s where if you can tap into a lot of mindset, resources, it will really, really help your team. And then we can look at the choices or freedom is another word for it. So the choices are the flexibility to walk around the children to work around their other job and build up their side hustle of being in a network marketing company.

This takes time, and I think that’s where they need to be aware that if they’re going to only put in an hour a week in the into their business, then it’s going to take them much longer to reach their goals.

Focus on their goals not yours

If they want that thousand dollar week income an hour a week is not going to cut it and that’s what they’ve got to be aware of.

Then we looking to some people who just want to advance, they want to hit the top of the rank, you might not want to but they might want to and this is a way of looking at your ideal team member and if you don’t want to attract those people then don’t, you can have whoever you want in your team, remember, it’s your team.

Say you’re looking at advancement, you’re looking at people that “I just love, love the fact that I can be the diamond and earn these awesome income” because that’s what they want it’s their hot button. So if you want to a group of hot button people that their advancement is a thing, that’s what you attract, just put it out to the universe and it will actually come.

Being the BOSS can be a big risk

Then we have the last people they just want to be their own boss and tired of the nine to five or whatever the eight to five, eight to six, seven grind, the sick and tired of being in in traffic. And it taking two hours to get to these jobs.

So if you really want to focus on these Be your own bosses. This is where it comes into play of how you get to be how to make the decisions you are in this business.

We are all here to help you, we are all here to work together with like minded people, we are business owners. But it’s that one step further that you do have that network of people that have the same goal as you others, not the same goal, but the same feelings as you. And it really just depends on who you want to attract.

Now moving into the ideal leaders that’s a whole other conversation, then we’re looking for people to be the leaders to step into that role straightaway. So that means that you need to start attracting those people from the from the get go and not just focus on the team, which we’ve just talked about, but this time it’s really being specific on the qualities that you want in a leader.

You want someone who’s a go getter, self motivated, who has a business of their own or has been in network marketing before and want to try something new. There’s so many different avenues to find these leaders. So that’s why I’m putting it out there because I really want you to focus on not just one area but focus on your ideal team members and your ideal leaders.

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