Online Party TIPS

Online Parties are just another way of conducting your business.  You can run more than one at a time with different groups of friends/family.  You can then use which will then pick the hostess for you.

These parties still need to meet the requirements of face to face parties, the advantage is that everyone can shop from their lounge room.

Steps to do prior to the online party:

  1. Invitation only is best so that everyone wants to be there
  2. Send a message just for them or text them. Calling is good too.
  3. Send everyone a link to the catalogue before you hold the online party. (also include order forms – in case they can’t attend).
  4. Build up the relationships with everyone prior to the online party.
  5. Ask everyone to bring a friend to the party.  Offer an incentive “carrot” to each person.
  6. Have around 50-60 invited (invite personally yourself 20 to 30 and get each friend to bring a friend that they personally invite)
  7. Do Facebook “Lives” in the event, don’t have too long a lead time EG: 1 week away. Get them to have the excitement with enticing images and show your real personality.
direct sales facebook party

Epic Facebook Party tips:

  1. Let everyone know who you are, build that rapport with everyone in the party prior to and on the day/night of the party. People buy from people.  Say hey to everyone and explain the process from the start (not everyone has done an online party before). Please let everyone know who you are, what do you like to do, how many kids you have. You want to build the “know, like, and trust” factor fast.
  2. Have a roll call or show of hands of who is there which makes it easier for you when talking about products, you can then tag someone in something that they like.  Try and get them to have conversations with you and each other, by getting to know you posts or play a fun game.
  3. Start with going through when delivery for the products are.  The return policy. Any bookings that may happen and whether they are online or face to face.  You can introduce a prize for the first person to comment, first person to order, first person book, first person to blah blah, you can think of others.
  4. Next step is to show the guests the Top 10 products. Create a wish list that each customer can use when you are going through the products.  If you have videos use them too. (HLD has a wish list that is used in face to face parties).
  5. Make jokes. Let people start having fun. Even though this is virtual, you can create a dialogue that is very easy to get people laughing and enjoying themselves. Funny, entertaining videos are always a win. It’s a party. Be sure your guests have fun….and laugh.
  6. Once the party is going in full swing, start working on a total for the orders in so far. Saying that the hostess will get this and that for the party. Make it exciting so that others can see what rewards they can get too and how easy it is. People love the “what’s in it for them.”
  7. The really good thing about online parties is the guests see how easy it is and have been more likely to pick a date for their own. They love being able to sit in their PJ’s and earn free stuff.
  8. Make a game of looking for consultants eg: Ask Me A ?  Your final call-to-action during your live party is ASK ME A ? About my job. Respond to questions and discover who wants to learn more about what you do. Replay viewers will be able to see questions/answers which will encourage them to ask too. Follow-up to see who wants to learn more. (This is a great way to see who is serious and who isn’t)
  9. Talk about your VIP Group for customers. That there are always tips in there, product of the month reviews etc. Invite them in and also send them your monthly newsletter.
  10. End with totally up everything, working on sales and party bookings. Thank everyone for coming and just let them know again about delivery and postage etc.
  11.  For anyone that makes an online order, send a personal Facebook message to the guest thanking them for their order, providing tips on how to use the product they just bought.
  12. In the event, post who just placed an order and announcing a small gift they received for doing so.  (This is after the event or during your choice).
  13. Make sure to send follow up emails to every guest whether they order or not. This is a great way to being a relationship with customers. You can let them know when the next Facebook party will be and really start a friendship.

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