Do you know who your ideal client is?

Know your Ideal Client

Excelling in Direct Sales - Ideal Client

Know your Ideal Client! How many times do you hear this?! We talk to all of our clients about their ideal client (also sometimes referred to as their target audience or customer avatar depending on which marketing term you want to use to refer to those people who pay you money. We may use each term more than once just to ensure that you get used to each term.) We’ve lost count of the times that we’ve been told “I don’t have a target audience, I can sell to everybody.” Whilst technically this may be true it’s an assertion we have to move our clients on from quickly. The reason is this. If you’re trying to speak to everybody, you end up speaking to nobody.

Your customer avatar affects every piece of marketing. It affects where you advertise, it affects what you say and it affects how you say it. You may have more than one ideal client – your ideal client for joining an MLM business may be a different ideal client to a retail customer. But it’s still important to work through and identify each target audience as your marketing strategy will be different for each group.

Identifying your ideal client

Here are some factors that help make up your ideal client. You should try to answer each of these questions.

Gender – Are your products and/or business better suited to males, females or both? If both, you should probably create two different messages as the reason something is popular for a male is likely different to why a female would be interested

Excelling in Direct Sales - Ideal Client

Married – Are you looking for single people or people in a relationship?

Children Someone with children has different priorities to someone who doesn’t have children and your marketing messages should reflect this. This is especially true if you are presenting a business opportunity to a work at home mum

Excelling in Direct Sales - Ideal Client

Household income – This could be relevant to either presenting a business opportunity or marketing retail products. Is your ideal client looking for some extra income?

Location – Your clients location is relevant both when looking at retail customers and presenting your business opportunity. Would you be able to properly support them if they are not close to you?

Excelling in Direct Sales - Ideal Client

Education – Education becomes relevant when you are writing your messages. Someone that is more well educated will likely want to be spoken to in a more technical manner than someone who is less well educated.

Goals and Values – What does your target audience stand for? What do they believe in? Are they looking for ethical products? Are they looking to protect the environment.

Excelling in Direct Sales - Ideal Client

You have a variety of target audiences. We get that. It’s important to identify them individually as it will later affect every aspect of your marketing to each of these ideal clients.

If you want to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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