Make sure you Follow Up. Always Follow Up. And Follow Up Regularly

Make sure you Follow Up. Always Follow Up. And Follow Up Regularly

You may not believe me when we tell you this but the most common reason for businesses failing is not what you think. It’s not a bad product or service, it’s not bad marketing, it’s not about economy, it’s a failure to follow up.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs just fail to follow up on the leads they are getting. They fail to follow up on Prospects, they fail to follow up with the people they have met at networking functions and even after they’ve got a customer they fail to follow up with upselling products and services these clients might need to enhance their own business. It’s incredibly important that you make following up an integral part of your business. You need to make sure you are always following up with prospects and current clients and you need to make sure you doing this every day.

The main reason you should follow up is a fairly simple one. The main reason to follow up is that it shows that you care. If done properly it shows that you have a desire to help the person you are following up with succeed because you are not just following up to make a sale, the sale is a by-product of following up, you are following up to find out how you can help this person to see in the business.

Let’s give a simple example of follow-up in action. Let say you meet someone out at a networking event and you give them some great advice for free. You might ring them up a week later or send them an email – whichever you prefer –  and just say “hey how did go implementing that system I recommended to you?” or something similar depending on what the advice is that you give them. Chances are they may have done nothing with what you offered them but they will still appreciate the fact that you followed up because it shows that you care. This can segue into a conversation and you offering them to your product or service

There are two other relatively obvious but often forgotten reasons for the importance of the follow up. By keeping in contact with people you meet you are putting yourself in touch with potential referral sources. These may be people you follow up with her eventually become customers and love what you do so refer other business. They may not end up becoming customers for a variety of reasons but if you show that you care they may refer other people to you who are your writing quotes.

Also people get busy and may not need or purchase your profile service straight away. Well they might need it but they may not purchase it straight away because they’re busy. But if you keep in touch with them regularly, if you follow up, then you will stay top of mind so when they are ready to make their purchase you are the person they come too.

The idea of the follow up is simple but the execution is not necessarily so. It does take time but if you commit to it, if you make it a habit to follow up, you will see the results. We encourage you to follow up today and make it an important part of everyday of your business life. Get in touch if you have any questions.



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