Having a Marketing Plan in Direct Sales

Your Marketing Plan – Why You Need One And What To Include

Excelling in Direct Sales - Marketing Plan

Whether direct selling or a MLM opportunity, you are now a business owner and you need to be proactive in order to thrive. You need customers. To get customers, you need to market your business. No matter how great the opportunity, you still need to tell people about it. It’s not likely that you’ll get customers banging on your door, sending you emails or giving you a phone call if they don’t know you exist. Marketing is an investment but it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Many starting out in this industry don’t know where to start when creating a marketing plan. A marketing plan should include the following 5 sections. We’re not suggesting you create a formal document that sits in the draw never to see the light of day. But we are suggesting you pay particular attention to these section.

Goals & Objectives – You need to set goals for your marketing. This can be as simple as number of customers or number of members of your downline. It could be number of retail customers or number of people on your email list.

Target Audience – You need to know who you are selling to. We’ve written more extensively about this in another article but it’s important that you know who you are selling to as this affects your marketing tactics.

Tactics – Marketing tactics are important. Do you need an email newsletter? Do you need a Facebook Page? Should you start a Facebook Group? Should you be on Twitter? Should you be on Instagram? Should you be on Linkedin? Should you attend offline networking events or advertise at your local school fete? You need to identify the right tactics for how to achieve your goals. 

Calendar – You need to schedule marketing events in your calendar. This could be a content calendar for social media, blog posts and email newsletters? You also need to put special events in your calendar? Realistically you should block out some time each day for marketing and have scheduled items in your calendar.

Budget – Your business is an investment and you need to put in more to get your business to grow. You should have a marketing budget. Your marketing budget may be small to start off with (and may likely consist of budgeted time at first more than a monetary budget.) Having said that, as your business starts to grow you need to reinvest some of your profits to ensure exponential growth. A common budgeting tactic is percentage of sales. For example, some businesses will spend 10% of sales on marketing activities.  (You can learn more about budgeting in our Online Training Programs)

A well thought out marketing plan is a key driver of business success. If you proactively think about the 5 steps mentioned above you will be well ahead of any of your competitors. Please get in touch if you want to talk about them further.



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