Ethical Direct Selling Group Online Programs

What’s are the EDS online programs all about?

The EDS Online Programs are all about Excelling in your direct Sales Business! Take your Direct Sales from a Hobby to a Business! Turn your customers into raving fans.

  • Learn to create your business plan, your vision board, get in the right mindset for creating a business.
  • Learn sales strategies, E-DISC selling skills, set sales goals.
  • Learn how to niche, and find your ideal customer – to make your selling job easier.

Enlightened Package (5 for 5)  16 modules

Introduction Unit: Introduction & Mindset for running a business.

Unit 1:  How to run a business – Business Planning & Goals, Actions.

Unit 2: Sales Goals / Planning / Finances, cash-flow, and budgeting

Unit 3: Niching & setting your target market and finding your ideal customers.

Review unit: Progression of business goals, plan, vision board, finances, niching, procrastination

You will be provided with a login which will give you access to the material each unit as its loaded onto the site.


If you are on our Enlightened package, you can always upgrade to the Dedication or Success Packages at any time, the price will be based on how many units you have already completed. You can also, always purchase mentoring sessions with Tracey , at only $247. These can be purchased via our online store– and will be conducted on  Zoom.

Access Introduction Unit  (you will need to login to access this)

Dedication Package (6 for 6)  26 modules

(includes content of Enlightened 5 for 5 Package)

Unit 1: How to find customers, Communication Plan, Branding, How to promote your business

Unit 2: Relationship / Client Appreciation Marketing

Unit 3: Closing Sales – scripting

Unit 4: Back-end Sales – Follow Ups,  3 x 3 x 3

Unit 5: PREMIUM –  Team Building / Leadership skills

Review Unit 6: progression of marketing plan, back-end systems and team building

Dedication Package includes  everything in Enlightened package, 12 x online group mastermind sessions, valued at $66 each. Also including 3 x 1:1 mentoring sessions over the 3 month course.

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Success Package (7 for 7)   over 40 modules

(includes the content of Enlightened 5 for 5 and Dedication 6 for 6 Packages)

To your ultimate success in being the professional in your business we offer:
All the benefits of the Enlightened and Dedication Packages and 12 x 1:1 mentoring sessions included during your Success Package Program, plus Unlimited Online Group Mastermind Sessions.

Gratefulness Package (8 for 8)  over 40 modules and more

(includes content from Success package)

To take your business from business income to Rockstar income we offer:

All the benefits of Success but not limited to 12 x 1:1 mentoring sessions (you get 1:1 mentoring sessions once a week) during your program including the Unlimited Online Group Mastermind Sessions.

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