Online Workshop 100 tips

Ethical Direct Selling Group is known for its original product!

Our online workshop is over 3 videos which cover your niche/target audience and how to appreciate your customers.

Understand the Leaky Bucket Theory.

Learn the 3 x 3 x 3 Rule.

Selling is Dead! Building relationships is alive and kicking

Learn more about your customers and who they are with our “100 DS Tips in 100 minutes” online workshop for only $37. Click here to make your booking today.


Ethical Direct Selling Group has designed their Online program to take you from a Hobbyist to  Business Owner mindset…

There are 4 levels of the EDS Online Program, including the Enlightened, Dedication, Success and Gratefulness Packages.

The Enlightened Package (5 for 5) is 5 online only modules, with Facebook group support, accountability challenges and loads of resources all completed in 3 months.

The Dedication Pacakge (6 for 6) is an additional 6 online modules (E Package to be completed first), with the added bonus of online group mentoring sessions and 3 x 1:1 online mentoring sessions in your training.

The Success Package (7 for 7) is all the perks and training from E & D, but with the added bonus of 12 x 1:1 mentoring Sessions during your training

The Gratefulness Package includes everything but wait there’s more (2 x 1:1 mentoring every single week)

To excel and be a professional with the tools from the online program, visit our store to make a booking today.

Enlightened package

Dedication package

Success package

Strategy Sessions

Ethical Direct Selling Group offers 1 hour strategy sessions to help you with any issue in your business that you want to overcome.

These sessions are with Tracey or one of our other trainers. This is outstanding value at only $197 per session.

Our strategy sessions help you gain focus and you walk away with many tips to help you move on.

They can be purchased alone or tapped onto our Online Program Enlightened and Dedication Packages. Visit our store to make to make a booking today.

A session with Tracey Hall

Working with the Ethical Direct Selling Group team