Shared Vision and Goals – “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

Shared Vision and Goals – “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

One of my favourite acronyms is “TEAM” – Together Everyone Achieves More. The leveraged success of your team will be exponentially higher than you could achieve individually. The thing is, it’s not always the most simple thing to get everyone working together

Every member of your team is going to have had their own reasons for wanting to join your team. They are going to have their own goals, their own desire and their own vision – you need to understand this and you need to work out how you can make these goals and objectives align with the team’s goals and objectives.

Here’s three tips to help you achieve this.

Make sure everyone agrees to the goals – You can’t get anyone in your team to agree to your goals if they don’t know what these goals are. People won’t “buy in” to your goals if you don’t have them be part of the goal development process. An important part of this process is also making sure you have your team members understand how helping the team achieve shared goals will also allow them to achieve their own goals.

Give everyone key responsibilities and tasks – Another important part about achieving shared team goals is to ensure that everyone in the team has something to do with achieving these goals. You need to share the load (and by share the load I don’t just mean outsourcing the things that you don’t want to do.) You need to give everyone in your team something meaningful to do in the process of them working towards achieving team goals.

Make sure everyone is equipped to participate and play their part – If you are expecting team members to play a meaningful part in helping you to achieve team goals and you give those tasks to help in the achievement of these overall goals then you need to make sure that they are equipped to achieve their tasks. Being equipped is not just technology and tools – although these are important – it includes making sure your team is educated and informed – they need to know everything about your products and services and they need to have the right education for sales and marketing.

Goal setting and goal achievement is important for everyone – if you don’t know where you are going how you are going to know when you get there. The purpose of this article was to help share with you some tips on alignment between individual and team goals, whilst also helping to ensure that your team members are interested in helping you to achieve your overall goals.


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