Social Media. The Main Channels Assessed

Social Media. The Main Channels Assessed

One thing that every business entrepreneur is told is that they need to be active on social media. This is true but the problem is there are so many social media channels that it can be hard to work out which social media channel is best for you and your business. We don’t intend this article to be an exhaustive article or educational series on the benefits of social media or an in-depth discussion of all social media channels but it does give you a basic idea of some of the major channels what they do and how they can benefit your business.

You have to be active on social media. Many stats have shown that the average person has up the 5 social media accounts that they are active on regularly. So realistically you have to be active on more than one channel. Below I will outline at some of the major channels and some of the major social media platforms it so you can pick which wonderful benefit you and your customers

The first channel we will look at his Facebook. Facebook is the one channel that I recommend all businesses be on. The reason for this is quite simple. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. For example in Australia, 17 million of a population of 24 million people have a Facebook account they access regularly. On Facebook you can build brand loyalty and brand awareness. You can keep followers up to date with the latest news and you can share special offers. You can link to articles, you can post photos and you can ask your audience questions. Facebook has an advertising platform where you can promote your posts and have them seen by more of your audience and potential customers

Another common platform for social media is Twitter. Twitter is a platform where you share updates of up to 140 characters with your followers. You can share news and update. You can share special offers, you can link to articles but importantly you can have quick real-time conversations with your followers. You can also search popular hashtags and other terms on Twitter to see what people talking about in real time. Twitter is a great avenue for live customer service

Video is incredibly important right now so you need to have a YouTube account. I know many people would think it odd to talk about YouTube and social media but really it is a social account because you can leave and respond to comments on each other videos. People love to watch videos weather on a personal computer or on the mobile devices many people are highly visual so you need to give them plenty of 1 to 2 minute videos but also longer videos can be relevant in certain situations depending on your business

We haven’t really talked about blogging here but you should consider starting your own blog as well. Blogs can be talked about as part of your social media campaign because most blogging platforms allowed readers to leave comments but blogging is also relevant because writing a blog post gives you access to more social media content.

This is just a short preview of some common social media platforms. There are many other platforms out there some of which may be useful for you and for your business. If you have any questions about how to use social media for your business please get in touch with us today so we can have a chat about your goals, your strategies and your needs.


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