Taking ME time in your Direct Selling Business

This was my second take on a video I made, where I decided that I needed ME time, and took an hour off from working to go and do a Pilates class. Well my phone decided to run out of space and then the next day mysteriously deleted the file, so I made this new video on the way to my Mums N Margaritas night.

But the whole point of the video was it’s really important to take the time out in your business to have some ME time, otherwise you will burn out. Me time is not family time, shopping time (groceries), it is time just for YOU! Even if you feel “oh I will lose an hour of productivity” – just do it! As more than likely you will be far more productive after, which I was after doing pilates.

Me Time - Excelling in Direct Sales

If you are going to Excel in your direct selling business, you need to keep a balanced life, and that’s why you probably chose direct selling, for flexibility and time freedom, and un-capped earning potential! So keep remembering your why, and don’t forget the ME!

Keeping it real.

Cheers Jerry


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