Talking Ethics with Carlo

Our conversation with Carlo was super interesting and his whole way of looking at things was inspiring.

Carlo’s Bio:

Thank you for visiting my page.
Some years ago when I ran my Tile Importing business, I made a huge mistake.

Quick backstory…

In 2011, after being in the Ceramic Tile business for 23 years, things started to go pear-shaped for me and my wife, Silvana. You see the company was beginning to become unprofitable. So instead of making long-term plans, I opted for a quick fix.
They were indeed worrying times.
What I mean by that while my competitors typically would spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on expensive Radio and TV Advertising I opted instead to hire a leading Australian Copywriter and train me in this incredible craft.
Thankfully I trusted my gut feeling. It could have been a whole lot worse if I did nothing.

So you can say since then I’ve been hook, line and sinker for Direct Response Copywriting which happens to be one of the highest paid and sought-after skills on the planet.

Eventually, Silvana and I got out of that business in search of a new challenge and brighter pastures. But in truth, I didn’t have a backup plan of what I wanted to do next. So I guess it was back to the drawing board.
With all the right intentions and the unbridled enthusiasm of a primary school kid, I began to embark on my new phase in my life working 9 to 5 with much excitement.

But I soon realised you needed more than that to thrive and survive in the today’s hustle and bustle workplace. It didn’t take me long for me to understand that after sending thousands of emails literally for my employer a reputable Steel company, I would spend so much time editing the content of these emails that I wanted to get more into this Copywriting caper.

So just like a private eye, I uncovered the truth on what was my super-power.

Suddenly it dawned on me I was destined for something bigger!

As I embarked on this new journey, I wanted to start rubbing shoulders with some of the elite business people in Perth. So I thought how am I going to do this? For starters, I had to be where they were hanging out. Through constant networking, I began to meet some pretty switched amazing people that I would never have met if I was still cooped up in the Tile business. Suddenly I felt alive again so began my love of business back.





Ethical Direct Selling Group has our Business Ethically Events running each month.

We also have the Association conference and awards night which is to celebrate people in the industry and how they are conducting themselves with ethics in mind.

Time to nominate people in the industry for our Awards.


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