Talking Ethics with Elsa

Ethical Direct Selling Group interviewed a leader in Australia for our FIRST podcast.  Elsa was so open in the interview, she gives her insight about the industry and we had her baby join us too. Please enjoy this 15 minutes with a Network Marketing professional.

Her Bio:

Elsa is a married mother with two young Children (Alfie, 3 & Georgie 6 months).  She discovered Network Marketing with her husband Olaf 3 years ago after a successful career in corporate sales.

She is currently at the top rank in her company and she is of the founding leaders in Australia with her husband.

She has always wanted to impact the world and give back. This is the vehicle for her, because it will allow her to do that on a bigger scale. She has learnt the profession from scratch and she loves serving the profession, she loves inspiring people to live their life to the fullest.


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