Talking Ethics with Ema

Our chat with Ema Borg has so many AHA moments that we are sure you can use at least one of them in your business straight away.  She uses her talent to work with clients to transform their mindset.

Her Bio:

For over 10 years Ema ran a successful business, raising 3 kids, fitting into the normal roles and all the while trying to keep her head above water so life runs smoothly. That’s a happy life right? Rising Career, mother, wife, friend…..? Nothing felt right to her, both professionally and personally. But then Ema made a shift.

She shifted focus and moved towards creating a successful life, in doing this, she shed all the layers and removed the limits leading her to pioneer a new path in Coaching. She is a Transformation Coach, always starting from the inside to transform all areas of your life. Ema has developed the ‘The Emotional Code’, a unique way of using emotions for your benefit rather than your detriment. Her approach using ‘Resistance Release Method’, completely removes all the disruptive layers in your life that are holding you back.

Ema’s purpose is to guide her clients to be themselves and feel good for who they are with pure authenticity. Working with children aged between 8 – 17 years, helping them create positive habits that they can continue for a life time. Also women and men – business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs aged between 25 – 35 years.

To allow them to shine, be heard, communicate and lead through positive use of emotions. She achieves this through working 1:1, workshops and uniquely created coaching programs for kids and adults. Ema is passionate about helping people find the real deep awareness from within. Minus all the noise of what you ‘should’ be doing, helping you get what you truly need and create a life that you design. You will always find a vibrant and new approach within her work and presentations.

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