Talking Ethics with Irfan

Irfan was a pleasure to have on a a guest, his conversation gave me goosebumps.

Irfan’s Bio:

Growing up without a father pushed Irfan to start making some key decisions from a very young age which helped him become The Clarity Man. He not only achieved success for himself and traveled the globe while working on Cruise Ship but now he also helps people who are unsure,stuck, confused and don’t know what to do by helping them through his own unique Clarity Z5 System.

He has helped more than 5000 people over the course of his career so that they move in the right direction of their choice. Irfan is based in Mumbai,India and conducts his coaching and training from there.

He has three eBooks so far “Leading the Stoic Way” “I Inspire” “Dreams to Reality – Clarity Journal for Life” and one of his next e-books is called “Clarity-Focus-Fortune.”

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