Talking Ethics with Kelly Berger

Kelly’s Bio:

Kelly started her business because she loved numbers and seeing others succeed.  She is a business owner of 4 businesses all of which help and support others from taking care of their bookkeeping, training them to improve their business or create a custom product for their car, truck or bike.
She has two staff members, run workshops, retreats, offer bookkeeping, training, business management setup and training. Kelly enjoys helping business owners understand their business and their financials to drive their business forward. She enjoys training and supporting fellow bookkeepers to create their own business and to see them grow and fall in love with their business all over again.
She has been a business owner for 8 years now growing from 1 business to now 4 and calls herself a serial entrepreneur.  She started in the industry after doing her husbands books and realising how much she loved it.
She is also a mother of two girls aged 8 and 16 year who keep me on my toes



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