Talking Ethics with Leah

Leah is a great role model not just for her children but to her team and others in the Network Marketing industry.

Leah started her career in the banking and finance sector progressing through a number of different roles. Her focus at the time was to build on transferable skills to enable career progression in a large organisation. This would enable her to provide financial and job security for my family.

Her passion is to be able to provide her kids with an environment where they can thrive. she wanted to provide her kids an environment where they could develop a positive and open mindset, be willing to learn and explore outside the ‘box’, follow their passions and have the courage to live by their beliefs and values. However, the problem she faced was that she was spending less and less time with her family as ongoing organisational demands put pressure on her ability to provide her children with a positive thriving environment.

Leah didn’t have control over her time or  life. She wasn’t doing the things she was passionate about and as a result teaching her kids to do the same. And this cycle when on for many years. HOWEVER… In late 2016 she was offered the opportunity to partner with a billion dollar health and wellness company as a means to create an additional source of income.

Although very diverse to banking, she saw this as a way to be able to help more people and gain control over her time and life. This would enable her to make the shift into living her passions and doing the things she loved. Since this time, Leah has been able to develop an online business in multiple countries whilst bringing her children on the journey.  Her children have travelled to multiple countries this year. They have been immersed into an environment where they learn the value of courage and working towards the things in life they love and care about.

Later this year  looking forward to bringing them on stage at the company convention. Her vision is to continue to be able to help others make the shift and be able to spend more time doing the things they love and are passionate about.

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