Talking Ethics with Linda

Having a conversation with Linda is like speaking to speedy gonzales. Linda is quick on her feet and knows everything to do with PR (public relations) and Building Relationships. Our conversation is full of tips for you and your business.

Linda’s Bio:

With a background in public relations and a passion for small business, Linda Reed-Enever is not only the “PR and Marketing Go-To” girl but a networking all-rounder, offering small business owners access to all the right resources at just the right time.

Linda runs the three successful companies Business Business Business, ThoughtSpot PR and Media Connections, providing businesses operators with the tools to streamline their business, network with others, tell their story, and have that message heard. She spends her days working with clients to ensure they have all they need to thrive in the small business arena and market their services.

As the founder of acclaimed business networking and resources website, Business Business Business, Linda shares her belief that the right tools and mentoring can foster a supportive business community. The initiative began as a Facebook group in 2014, membership quickly grew and Business Business Business launched its own website in 2016.

Boasting the mantra Learn, Connect, Network, Do, the site is a hub of information, and on track to top 20,000 members by the end of this year. It is designed to bring business people together to share resources, access expert advice and business tools, while utilising networking opportunities.

And it was born from Linda’s own experience in the business realm.

In 2012 Linda started ThoughtSpot PR. It was a natural progression from her career in the corporate sales and marketing realm, but offers business owners and entrepreneurs a personalised PR solution that utilises different thinking. Linda is committed to finding individual public relations methods and branding to suit their needs. The success Linda has enjoyed in this field soon saw her labelled the “go to” girl.

It also led to the establishment of Media Connections, a media distribution site that allows business to share their press releases and news. Ultimately it connects journalists with the stories being told by business.

Having seen the common struggles of business and having lived the challenges herself, the concept of a one-stop shop for business needs began to weigh on Linda’s mind. Business Business Business took form in a bid to encourage business owners, pool resources, network and share the business journey.

Combined, these three business encapsulate Linda’s ethos: that branding and marketing are the foundations of business success, but networking and connections are the mortar that holds the foundations together.

Linda also educates and empowers business owners through as series of online courses, books and resources.

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