Talking Ethics with Marion

Marion has a great story and it was so much fun interviewing her for this podcast.


Marion has always loved people, surrounded herself with a large and extended family, circles of friends and has connections all over the world. And that was BF – before Facebook! So it was only natural that she would gravitate towards the teaching profession, not-for profit work and referral based marketing. In the past year, she has poured her focus into the development of Mundana Global.

She is actively networking within and between Melbourne business networks as she establishes her brand and spreads the word about an innovative health breakthrough of stabalised REDOX signalling molecules; which can profoundly alter the body’s capacity to heal itself, increase endurance and physical performance and slow down the aging process.

She is passionate about this because she can help people in two major areas of difficulty – with their health, and with their wealth. “Making a Living while Making a Difference” gets Marion out of bed every morning and drives her forward.



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