Talking Ethics with Nikki

Nikki has had such an amazing life, having over 5 operations and still here to tell the tale. Our conversation was so enlightening into her life and also her work life.

Nikki’s Bio:

Nikki  has worked in many industries over the years while trying to find a passion and what makes her heart sing.
She has worked:
* In hospitality in multiple pubs, hotels and restaurants
* Taught in a hospitality college
* Sales and support for Grayline day tours
* Spray tanner in a beauty salon
* Sales and member support for 21st Century education Financial education company and also events/logistics.
* 3.5 years of Adult toy and lingerie Party plan.
* Fashion stylist and Sales assistant for City chic a plus clothing store for the past 8 years

Now her passion is the online business which is automated platform where she is helping people become healthy & wealthy and changing their lives in ways She never dreamed was possible…

Nikki is a 6X Brain Surgery survivor, a student of life- constantly learning and growing, grateful for so many things, experiences and people in her life. She is vegan and on a quest to live a healthy, Wealthy, happy life, Full of Passion, Purpose, love and Gratitude and treat her body like the temple that it is.

Nikki Galagher


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