Talking Ethics with Renee G

Renee’s Bio:

What lights her up is helping leaders and teams maximise their leadership, communication and performance.

Since 2006, Renee Giarrusso has been successfully combining business, coaching & training expertise to assist in maximising the potential of individuals and teams to excel to the next level.

Renee is an Accredited Associate Coach (ACC) and professional trainer and facilitator and works with both individuals and teams to unlock inner potential to maximise and realise strengths and capability back on the job.
With over 9 years facilitation, coaching and training experience in a full-time capacity across a broad range of industries from FMCG, Telco, automotive, consumer durables, government (job services), not-for-profit, electronics and professional services she is well aware of the day to day workplace pressures and challenges to perform in today’s corporate business environment.

With over 12 years experience in senior management & sales roles within FMCG, she has a successful track record in managing teams and building businesses and understands what it takes to coach a high performing team to success.

Renee gains a great level of personal fulfilment from working with a range of clients to realise the transformational benefits that coaching and training can provide at an individual and team level.

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Ethical Direct Selling Group has our Business Ethically Events running each month.

We also have the Association conference and awards night which is to celebrate people in the industry and how they are conducting themselves with ethics in mind.

Time to nominate people in the industry for our Awards.

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