Talking Ethics with Sarah Higgins

Our conversation touched on Sarah’s geeky side and more.

Sarah’s Bio

Sarah Higgins is a professional busy-body. She’s always got her fingers in her clients’ businesses and is forever taking tasks from them, doing them, sometimes improving them, and then giving them back. In other words, Sarah is a Virtual Assistant (VA), and more specifically, the owner and the Principal VA at Helping Hands Virtual Assistants.

As a Virtual Assistant (in addition to being a professional busy-body) Sarah is an additional member of your team that allows you to focus on what you do best in your business by handing all of the background tasks over. Before becoming a VA, Sarah spent over 15 years in IT training and support, both building a diverse knowledge base and developing that rare ability among ‘techy’ people – the ability to explain techy things clearly and in ‘normal’ language! Sarah knows that she can only succeed when her clients succeed and is an integral part of many of her client’s businesses.

When she’s not glued to the phone and laptop doing what she does best, Sarah loves spending time with her family and her 2 beloved dogs. She’s a keen knitter and her personal challenge for 2019 is to learn to tap dance.




Ethical Direct Selling Group has our Business Ethically Events running each month.

We also have the Association conference and awards night which is to celebrate people in the industry and how they are conducting themselves with ethics in mind.

 Time to nominate people in the industry for our Awards.    



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