Talking Ethics with Zahrina

Zahrina was a breath of fresh air, she makes interviewing fun. Our conversation was fun, quirky and so informative.


Zahrina Robertson the owner of Zahrina Photography and Video is a photographer passionate about capturing the “Extraordinary” in Women and propelling female photographers in Small Business to success.  Based in Australia, “Making YOU Extraordinary”.  Her philosophy is capturing your “Extraordinary” with her intuitive approach. She is YOUR Personal BRANDING Specialist Photographer + Portrait Couture Photographer.

Her journey to creating a successful photography business was spurred on unfortunately by tragic circumstances. Her father passed 5 years ago from cancer and honestly, to witness this disease act so fast was extremely confronting and frightening to witness. Her father had less then 15 days when he passed away, leaving our close knit family behind.

Completely overcome by grief for a while, it was during this stage she discovered…she approach to photography changed 360degrees. Her4 new approach was gaining results that were uniquely hers and her clients loved their shots even more.  As your dedicated photographer, you actually get to experience the value of using her as your “x factor” photographer.

Zahrina was born in Melbourne Australia, her career in photography began as a tiny tot apprentice to her father, she studied at Australian Centre for Photography and Marketing.

The turning point in her photographic career occurred when she launched her “Australian Icons” Exhibition made up of Black and White portraits shot on her medium format 6×4.5inch film camera. She was blown away by the response to her exhibition and in many ways, this was the beginning of her inspiring path to photographing PORTRAITS.

5 years ago she opened the doors to business and have never looked back. Her passion for capturing clients “Extraordinary” will never cease.  Zahrinda travelled the world, met many inspiring souls and simply honoured to be sharing her unique approach with other women to propel their business.

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Ethical Direct Selling Group has our Business Ethically Events running each month.

We also have the Association conference and awards night which is to celebrate people in the industry and how they are conducting themselves with ethics in mind.

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