Time Management – Use Your Time Wisely As You Don’t Get It Back

Time Management – Use Your Time Wisely As You Don’t Get It Back

Time management is kind of a misnomer. You can’t manage time. You can’t control time. No matter what you do it marches on and on ever relentless and never stopping. You can’t manage time but you can manage how you use time.

The purpose of this article is to share with you three ways that can help you better manage how you use your time. These tips may help you get more out of your day and, as such, get more out of your life.

Set goals and then prioritise them – If you don’t have your own goals you’ll end up wasting your time achieving other people’s goals for them. You should set your own goals and then prioritise them according to those you find more important. Once you’ve decided on what’s most important you can concentrate on doing the right things with your time, as opposed to wasting your time concentrating on fitting more things in your day that you shouldn’t be doing anyway.

Manage your energy and understand what your procrastination triggers are – Some people are morning people. Others are evening people. You should do your most important tasks when you are most energetic. Basic admin stuff can be left when you are just not in the mood.

Automate and Outsource Tasks – Instead of procrastinating because there are tasks on your to do list that you just don’t want to do you should look at those tasks that you can either automate using new technology or outsource to someone who will do them much better than you do. There are probably going to be some things that you will have to do yourself. Schedule these in for the appropriate time and just get them done.

Improve your focus you cannot focus endlessly. Focus requires a lot of energy and sometimes you need to re-energise your focus with a short break. You should break your day down into small allotments. Many start with 25 minutes of focussed working followed by a 5 minute break. In your 25 minute “work time” you’ll have a task that you aim to complete. Don’t multitask, just concentrate on what you want to achieve in that block. If you get a distraction, write it down and come back to it later.

As mentioned, you can’t control time but you can control what you do with your time. Get in touch today if you’d like to hear about other tips that we can share.



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