What does the “sports rorts” show us about ethics in business

Watching the news and on Twitter intently for the updates on “sports rorts” has shown more and more, why ethics and values are so important. Nothing would have prepared the country for what was to come, yes the sports rorts . This puts shame into our heart because the grass roots of our country is sport.

We all love it and even made up our own game Australia Rules Football starting in Victoria in 1897. Our whole country gets behind our sport stars regardless of what sport they are playing.

Kids in sport

We all talk about the kids and how they are getting fatter but then this “sport rorts” happens, and puts a real dampener on the our country. Here are the stats, 1 in 4 children aged 2 to 17 are overweight or obese. So having grants for sport is something that is so important for morale and in essence our children’s spirit. They are our future leader, athletes, tennis professionals etc, children make the world a better place that is for sure

Sports in Australia

Sport is a great thing for this country and for our economy and looking at the fact, we have hosted Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games which generates income and interest for our country turning into tourism $$ too.

Senator Bridget McKenzie

There just seemed to be a lack of ethics the whole thing, Senator McKenzie here is a timeline about this. She didn’t disclose her conflict of interest and neither did some of the other sitting senators. Imagine if this was done in a business or a not for profit? The people involved would be sacked, fined or could even jailed.

  • Why is there one rule for public servants and another for the rest of us?
  • Why do senators get away with this?
  • Sam Dastiari resigned because of his corruption and rorts so why no this lot of public servants?

What the government has done and continues to do, shows the whole country it is ok to be corrupt. It is ok to get out what you want and stuff the rest of us.

Also showing that it doesn’t matter how corrupt you are, there will always be ‘jobs for the boys’ and you will get away with it.

Auditor General

Imagine what the auditor-general is feeling? They completed their report and it looks like it will be all swept under the carpet, nothing like wasting more of tax-payers money!

The government won’t put up the Newstart Allowance to $75 a week extra but, will spend money in their electorates that are marginal.

In private business there is no chance in hell we would get away with what the Government has been doing. There is no excuse for no ethics or morals in business or public service.

This whole ‘sports rorts‘ sends a message of distrust to the people of Australia, there is a call for all of the parties involved to be sacked or resigned.

Also Twitter is going rampant on it all, because it is something that seems to unite us all when the Government are so inept.

Resigning from Deputy PM

Since starting the writing of this blog Bridget McKenzie has resigned from her position as Deputy PM, but, she isn’t leaving politics anytime soon. She is still in the back bench

Resignation of Bridget McKenzie on Twitter

Government investigating themselves

How ironic is it that the Government did their own investigation, but used someone that was an ex senator, so really not unbiased at all. There would be such a massive conflict of interest there, what do you think?

The funny thing is that Bridget McKenzie still doesn’t believe she has done anything wrong. Well maybe not just her but she was the sports minister who handed out the $$ to the sporting clubs. The whole way this has played out in the media is so embarrassing not just for the Government, but for the whole of Australia. Who would have voted for the LNP if they had known what was really going on in the background?

Impact on their reputations

The impact that this will have on their reputations can’t be measured at all. This could damage LNP’s reputations and it could damage their brand for years to come. The whole incident is looking like they want to sweep in under the carpet but in private enterprise this wouldn’t be allowed to happen.

Another incident has been reported about what was happening during the election campaign, that adds more information for the ‘sports rorts‘. It is to do with more money being used in only a few areas that were again marginal seats.

Continuing the fight

We are wanting to continue the fight and Journo’s like Peter Van Onselen are not going to let this go. The same as other people we need to keep up the fight to ‘keep the bastards’ honest. We all have a right to justice and for the Government to maintain their ethics and values at all times.

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