What’s your promise to your customers?

Your Customer Promise: Are you Excelling in Customer Service?

Excelling in Direct Sales - Promise to customers

What is your customer promise? What are your values in your business? Make sure you deliver on those values.

This is comes back to your branding about you!

If you say you will return phone calls within 48 hours then do it!

List your phone number on website! Be contactable and approachable in your business. Forget these website forms, where it’s the only way to contact your business. Don’t you find it frustrating when you can’t contact a business on the phone? And not knowing if you will ever get a response to an email form.

Write these things down, have a customer service system, so there is systems and guidelines in your business.

Keeping it real!


Ethical Direct Selling Group has our Business Ethically Events running each month.

We also have the Association conference and awards night which is to celebrate people in the industry and how they are conducting themselves with ethics in mind.

Time to nominate people in the industry for our Awards.




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