Why is Goal Setting important? Setting SMARTER Goals

Why is goal setting important? Setting SMARTER Goals

It’s common for the most successful people, in all fields, to set goals. There are a number of reasons why goal setting works. If you don’t set your own goals, you might find you end up helping other people to achieve their goals.

There’s a common saying. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you don’t have goals, how do you know where you are going? How will you maintain motivation? How will you know if you are progressing forward in life?

By setting clear goals you will know what you need to do, you will know what you need to do and you will know what to measure to see how you are progressing towards meeting your goals.

When you are setting goals there is a process you should follow. You should look at setting SMARTER goals. Here’s a quick rundown of each step in the SMARTER goal setting process.

“S” – Specific – Your goals need to be specific. Let’s take a look at something like weight loss. Instead of “I want to lose weight” You should talk about how much weight you want to use.

“M” – Measurable – Goal setting needs to be measurable. You need to know what your end result will be. Otherwise how will you know whether you have achieved your goals.

“A” – Achievable – You need to set stretch goals. You need to set goals that push you but you should also set goals that can be achieved. If you don’t then you will quickly lose motivation, and convince yourself that you aren’t going to be able to achieve your goals.

“R” – Relevant – To be meaningful, and to boost motivation, your goals need to be relevant to you. They have to “mean” something otherwise you are unlikely to work towards them.

“T” – Time-Bound – Each goal should have a deadline. All goal setting should be time bound. If you set your deadlines you will know what strategies and tactics you will need to implement and achieve your goals.

Many people stop at SMART goals. But we recommend that you consider SMARTER goals. Sometimes, even with meaningful goals, you will miss your deadline. That’s why we add the ER steps.

“E” – Evaluate – Sometimes, come deadline day, you will be close to your goals but not quite achieve them. It’s time to go through an evaluation process. Did you achieve your goals? If you missed them, why? Were you aiming too high? Or did you create goals that weren’t meaningful enough.

“R” – Readjust – Once you have done your evaluation it’s time to readjust your goals and start again.

We work with all of our clients on goal setting. If you’d like help with the goal setting process please get in touch today.


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