Working from Home WHY?

This topic comes up so often in social media group we thought it was time to write an article about it. Working from home isn’t something new it has been around for hundreds of years however since the birth of the internet the ‘work from home’ status is growing as a massive movement.

Many companies do this as it saves on office space, saves on travel time for their employees. Others are related to direct selling, network marketing or affiliate marketing this is where the ‘pyramid’ or ‘ponzi’ scheme comes into effect. There is always going to be unethical and unscrupulous people out there unfortunately.  Work from home opens the doors for all sorts, there are so many great things out there too that are ethical and above board.

Years ago there weren’t any computers or social media everything was done via the phone or meeting up face to face. Yes there were people operating home businesses back them as we started in the industry in 1989. What wasn’t as rife was the ‘fake it till you make it’ stance, this really has come into the fray since internet and social media.

The idea of a ‘get rich quick’ scheme is something that a lot of people are aware is happening but in reality there is no such thing. It is the work part that most people don’t want to do, it is your business not the company’s that you sign up to.  They give you the tools because they want you to succeed, The more money you make the more they make.    

Work is the only way you can make the ROCKSTAR income, the only way you can change your life and lifestyle, the only way to be philanthropic and give back to others. YES it is a dirty word to some and that is where all the trouble comes. Some see it as a way to scam others out of their money and don’t have any consequences to that at all.

A home business can be such a joy, you can be there for your children and attend their activities, you may not need to use before and after care or even child care for your children. Being able to see them grow up and not be raised by someone else too. It is more than that really it is having that better quality of life, it isn’t about the MONEY, it is about the quality, the lifestyle and importantly raising children who will be independent and responsible one day.

Basing your business at home does have some cons:

  1. Those dishes keep looking at you
  2. The washing is piling up and don’t get us started on the folding and putting it away.
  3. So many distractions: dog needs to go out, cats meowing at you, social media and those cat videos

In reality these cons are far outweighed by the pros of working from home, we just need to remember the self motivation, being disciplined and TIME MANAGEMENT (TM)

Yes we realise it sounds like a dirty word but honestly without TM you wouldn’t complete one task at all. Set up your schedules, set up your emails, set up your automations and the rest will do its own thing.

We set up an affiliate program so that affiliates can earn income from home, we did this so that they can earn money and we also put bonuses in place. So many affiliate programs expect you to spend hundreds even thousands, we don’t we just want others to earn money because if they do we do too. To find out more about our program email



Ethical Direct Selling Group has our Business Ethically Events running each month.

We also have the Association conference and awards night which is to celebrate people in the industry and how they are conducting themselves with ethics in mind.

 Time to nominate people in the industry for our Awards.    

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